Somethings stirring......in the west!!!!

With the winds from the west and northwest it seemed like time to be changing things so we've been re-fitting the shop, adding new designs, new boards for the rack and with customs going out the door some things have been neglected............ like the blog and the web-site.
With a few glitches recently on the main site we decided the winds of change should really take hold, so there'll be a shiney new site soon, to go along with the shop, boards and clothing.
As we missed out on doing our 1st year anniversary party of the shop, we're thinking once the shop fit is done and the new site is live maybe a bit of a celebration is on the cards!
Possibly to welcome in some Autum swells and wave goodbye to the summer!!
Tell us if your keen, as if all goes to plan there could be some prizes/discounts/beers or wine/fruit based drinks for the ladies, to give away at the shindig for the first Ten to get back to us!!