The people's string foundation.....

Our favourite band out there at the moment, just a shout out for them and a plea to get them come and play our next exhibition night ..........ahhh g'won boys!!


Fresh egg's and a good cuppa tea!!

What better way to enjoy a lazy bank holiday morning than with a good cuppa and a fresh egg out of the polishing room!

Mid length single fin egg for the shop- 7'6" x 22 3/8" x 2 5/8"


Resin tinted skateboards.....

Some of our resin tinted skates, in all shapes and sizes. You won't find anything like these anywhere else. As far as we know we're the first and only guys making boards like this and you can custom order them to!!! So if your looking for something to roll on for the summer and are bored of mass produced screen printed decks, drop by the shop and have a push on one of our demo boards.

Fiberglass and wood skates........ great fun to skate and don't look half bad either!!


A couple of new tee's for the shop....


L'ill Green!

Another beautiful quad for the shop........



While we're updating the blog, we want to extend a big thankyou to Keiron 'Seamouse' Lewis for coming down to the opening night, hanging his work and throwing up the mural in our little shop. Cheers boyeee & "it does look good now it's finished!!!!"

Also a shout out to Dan Crockett for bringing in some beautiful pieces to hang on the wall.

From lam to the shop floor, if only sanding and polishing was this quick!!!

After a while away from the blog, the shop's finally finished and the summer's rolling in, we'll be trying to update with pics and news every week.

So keep your eyes peeled for new boards, artwork, exhibition opening nights and some offers on our clothing.