Krochet Kids....

Just in time for the winter chill and to warm your Monday arvo we've just taken deliverly of some of the finest handmade hats all the way from America!! These are the first in the country from Krochet Kids International, a Company fighting for change in Africa where they employ, teach and empower the locals to rise above poverty.
Each hat is hand crocheted and signed by it's maker who in turn is payed a wage equivalent to a Ugandan Teacher.

We're stoked to have these guys on board, their hats in the shop and to help them with their quest for a sustainable and socially aware business.

Check them out at http://krochetkids.org/


'Hulluva good!!'

This is the tint now gracing the Hull, we reckon 'it's hulluva good' !!! Enjoy.........


The People's String Foundation

We've done a bit of design work for our friends and favourite Cornish band ' The people's string foundation' for their up and coming album.
Check back for details on the album launch party and where you can get hold of a copy....

If you havn't checked them out live go listen to them on myspace.... http://www.myspace.com/thepeoplesstringfoundation

To late in the year for ice cream?

A couple of pics from the factory last week to brighten up your Monday morning!!! The 6'4" quad in mint choc chip colours for Tom a.k.a Lucky T friggin' tasty!!!

Then there's the 5'10" arctail hull which will be getting out on the water asap for some testing.


A hull new world....!!!

Just a couple from this week, a custom quad, a diamond tail and a 5'10 arctail hull for a bit of r&d!!!

Check back next week for some more foam fancies and the tints including a mint choc chip!!!