Shout outs!!

Just a few shout outs after our afternoon of tea drinking and cake eating, so here goes.....firstly, thanks to all who headed up to our now slightly expanded shop and gallery to enjoy a lazy arvo, a massive thank you to Caroline Pedler for supplying us with some beautiful pieces of art that are on display all week, so if you couldn't make it on Sunday cruise on over this week.....


Also a raised mug must go to our friends at the tea appreciation society for serving up some thirst quenching tea's to the parched masses!!!

Big love to Beth of Beth's cakes for taking the time to make us some uber tasty baked treats, perfect with a good brew!! http://www.bethsbakes.co.uk/

Lastly but not at all least to the boys from The People's String Foundation, they never disappoint and put on a great mixed set with some covers and some of their tunes from their soon to be released new album. We'll keep you posted when that's out as we'll be blaggin a few copies for the shop!!!


The only disappointment of the show was the colab pieces from Keiron 'semouse' Lewis and Ryan Tatar didn't make it over in the international post in time so keep your eye out for the next show which will be solely based around the 1 over 2 work and will hopefully be taking place at the beginning of august!!


Surf, Art, Tea, Cake..........

For all you tea and cake lover's out there, we're putting together everything you could ever need for a lazy sunday afternoon...........

Handmade cake's from the lovely Beth's cakes, Tea from our friends at the Tea appreciation Society, some a-mezing new art hanging on the walls and music from The People's String Foundation.

So come on down on the 28th of June, from 12 onwards and enjoy some tea and cake or even something a little stronger!!!


Imitation the greatest form of flattery??

Just got to clear a couple of things up as we've just had a customer in the shop telling us he'd bought one of our boards new from eBay and that chunks of the glass were just falling out. This didn't sound right at all so we checked it out and there's a guy that's called himself seed surfboards in cumbria knocking out dirt cheap surfboards.

So to get things straight & not to get everyone confused, these are NOT our boards. We have NEVER and will Never sell new boards on eBay.
So if you see a board that looks like this................
and costs less than a Del Boy watch,
its DEFINITELY NOT one of ours!!!!

We take great pride in the way our boards are produced and finished, each one is hand made and finished to the highest quality in house in our factory in Cornwall and each one will be wearing a SEED SURF CO. decal with pride!!!
So if you want a knock off go to eBay, but if you want the real thing drop us a line or a mail.
Yew, rant over!!!!