Positive Flow...

Some nice pics courtesy of Mr Tea, in between filming for Positive Flow,

Really stoked to be apart of this project, go see whats it's all about here, keep up to date on filming and when and where you'll get the chance to check it out......

8'4 rounded pin

An 8'4" for Mr Tea, soon to be wrapped in a lime green/brown and cream tint and embellished with a hand foiled ply glass-on!!!

The building of this board will be featured in the up and coming independant film Positve Flow


Bonzer egg?

I know it's not easter yet but anyone up for an egg?? All the supermarkets are selling them, so surely it can't be wrong!!
This is a new one for 2010 so don't wanna give too much away as it will be unveiled at our open factory day along with some other's which is penciled in for Saturday the 1st of May. More on that later.....


9'6 Pintail

After a pretty shitty end to 2009, the snow and some needed time away, we're back on board in 2010! And in the words of a quality british rock band............... "We've be down, but we come back brighter" and you've gotta be stoked they've reformed! http://www.thereefweb.co.uk/
Anyways here's whats been happening at the factory........

A custom 9'6" pintail, gunna be hard to let this one go!!