Tommo Clinton 16/02/1983 - 30/11/2009

It's taken me along time to be able to write this and I know I can't put into words how everyone feels, but on the 30th of November we lost a true friend and brother in an accident in Bali.

Tommo always lived his dreams, he lived without fear or boundaries with a constant smile. Weather he was chasing and charging big waves, taking water shots, freediving, spear fishing, skating or rock climbing. He was a traveller, a free spirit and a best friend to everyone he met, weather you knew him for 10 minutes or 10 years.

So this is our little tribute to you lad the brightest light I've ever met or had the privilege to know. I will never forget the memories, the waves and laughs we had or the inspiration you have given me.

You were a true friend, a legend, a hero and you will never be forgotten.

I love you brother xxx

'Catch a Wave' is the name of the fund that Tom's family have set-up in Tom's memory and it's aim is to provide surf equipment for the youngsters of Java, kids who are extremely poor, but like Tom hear the call of the surf.

Lots of them have real talent, skills they develop on wrecked, snapped and discarded old boards. To provide new ones would be a fulfillment of their dreams and this would be something very close to Tom's heart.

There will be a website set-up soon so if you knew Tom or would like to donate to the cause you can.

Last but by no means least all our love goes out to Tom's mum and dad, his brothers, sister,the whole family and anyone who knew or had the privilege of meeting this amazing young man xxx



Come one come all, should be a quality night, we'll be selling some wares along with some tpsf merchandise!! Starts about 7.30 see you there!!



Thank you please!!!

Just a quick post to thank Drift for giving us a chance to promo a couple of bits over the weekend and for putting on a show filled with quality art, photo's and boards.......roll on next year!!
Some of rob from royal's fun looking boards...



We'll be there with a few bits,
Should be a good one if you're around those parts drop in and feast your eyes!!!


Signed, seeled and delivered!!

Been a bit slack with the posting recently so here's a few things that have been going on over the last couple of weeks.........
We've been working with The people's String Foundation putting the finishing touches to their album artwork in time for the launch party on the 26th November at Seiner's in Perranporth! We'll be down their supporting the cause and looking after their merchandise so come down and check them out!!
The album's available on itunes if you want a listen!
Lucky t's quad was signed, seeled and delivered;

the Arctail hull is awaiting photography, we've been glueing and pressing up some more skates at last, with a couple of new shapes! No pics yet though,
oh and we thought we'd tidy the blog for winter!!!


Krochet Kids....

Just in time for the winter chill and to warm your Monday arvo we've just taken deliverly of some of the finest handmade hats all the way from America!! These are the first in the country from Krochet Kids International, a Company fighting for change in Africa where they employ, teach and empower the locals to rise above poverty.
Each hat is hand crocheted and signed by it's maker who in turn is payed a wage equivalent to a Ugandan Teacher.

We're stoked to have these guys on board, their hats in the shop and to help them with their quest for a sustainable and socially aware business.

Check them out at http://krochetkids.org/


'Hulluva good!!'

This is the tint now gracing the Hull, we reckon 'it's hulluva good' !!! Enjoy.........


The People's String Foundation

We've done a bit of design work for our friends and favourite Cornish band ' The people's string foundation' for their up and coming album.
Check back for details on the album launch party and where you can get hold of a copy....

If you havn't checked them out live go listen to them on myspace.... http://www.myspace.com/thepeoplesstringfoundation

To late in the year for ice cream?

A couple of pics from the factory last week to brighten up your Monday morning!!! The 6'4" quad in mint choc chip colours for Tom a.k.a Lucky T friggin' tasty!!!

Then there's the 5'10" arctail hull which will be getting out on the water asap for some testing.


A hull new world....!!!

Just a couple from this week, a custom quad, a diamond tail and a 5'10 arctail hull for a bit of r&d!!!

Check back next week for some more foam fancies and the tints including a mint choc chip!!!


In with the old out with the new!!!

After catching some fine automobile racing at Goodwood, we've been back mowing foam catching up on orders hence the lack of blogging!! So we'll be bring you some fresh foam at the end of the week!! Untill then gander at these beauties!!


Goodwood revival.....

We're off as of the morning to go and rub shoulders with the upper eon's of society, feast our eyes on some of the finest motor vehicles in the world and enjoy a bit of jolly good British motor sport!!!

We will be donning our Tweed and arriving in style in the other vintage Seed vehicle, a '65 ragtop beetle, so if you see us on the way tip your flatcap or posh hat!!
All this means is a few days off after a hectic summer, so the shop will closed till Next Wednesday.


Rip Patrick Swayze

"......adios amigo"


Quality fish recipe....

Blank in...

Mow foam...

Cloth and resin on...
Add some Geppy fins,

Gloss and polish.........

Tasty tiger striped keel fin fish...........DONE!!


Custom Keel fin fish..

Yet another custom coming out of the glassing room this week is this smoke and striped keel fin for Christian, we've been keeping him waiting on this one, let's hope it's worth it!! We friggin' love it but we'll let you decide!!!!



As promised........

An updated version of the pintail log with a pretty tasty tint, can you tell we're getting a bit obsessed with our new Fluro tints!!!

"Off of the 80's punk rock log"
Bring yo' fun pants and wayfarer's if you wanna partay with this one!!!!!



Finally we're back online, the camera's been fixed, shop dog's been reprimanded and we've got some fresh fiberglass porn for you!!! I hope you havn't missed us too much!!!
Glassing Xay's board .......

Polished and done......

Right there'll be more pics from the glass shop tomorrow and theres some beautes, untill then enjoy this one as we're off to grab a wave or 2!!