Seed van..

After grabbing some time off at the end of last week to go pick up the splitty from the painters, we called into goodwood on the way home to see some test day action and to take some snaps....
Picked up this nice little printed paper about Vintage 2010 at Goodwood, a garden party celebrating 5 decades of british cool.
Could be worth a look in before the revival in September.

British summer time!!!!!

Now the clocks have changed it's time to enjoy the finer things that britain has to offer..................... after work sessions, spring swells, chocolate eggs, losing some of that rubber, oh and those howling onshores........joy!!
Here's a couple from the factory floor to indulge in....


3.5 ft at 15 seconds........really?

After a weekend that promised much and delivered.......well not alot, here's some nice snaps from 'r kids' Jc and Ali on their Nz van trip, to warm you on a cold monday morning!